Company Profile

Vision:  Sivicom’s vision is to provide 40% of the 9 services and 2 investments in identified emerging and left markets globally by 2028
Mission: Sivicom’s mission is ”To organize and avail 9 services and 2 investments and make them universally accessible and useful.                                Slogan. Civicom ”Runs on 9 services, 2 invesments.
Users of our services: The individuals, businesses, NGOs and corporations                                                                                                                                                            Who can invest. investors         
Core values: At Sivicom, we strive to make the people wealthier and more sustainable through employment, investments and their business facilitation.
Goal: Our goal is to improve the lives of 3 million people a year by 2028                                                           
What we do : We provide meaningful services to service users and investment platforms for investors.  We focus on logistics, freight forwarding, customs declaration, construction, properties,   electrical, electronics, water plumbing,  export & import, BOBS (Buy, Own, Build, Sale) and BOBL (Buy, Own, Build, Let)   investments.                
Company Strategy: Today, Sivicom focuses on improving people’s lives and enabling better outcomes across the wealth continuum – thereby creating value for its investors, employees and communities we work. With our understanding, we see major opportunities to apply our competencies in the area of personal investments and connected businesses.
Company background: The year was 2010, our founders J. Munyany and E. Chemutai had the original idea to start clearing and forwarding company.  So, since it was 2013 and anything seemed possible at the time, J. Munyany and E. Chemutai decided to register the company to provide nine services and two investments platforms  … and Sivicom Limited was born!
Our Location: We are located at where our clients need us most.