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Sivicom Liners

Our qualified and experienced staff, behind the products and services you want from us, work within agreed time and budget.

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Sivicom Liners Limited is global Service Provider, commercial and residential properties agent, BOBS & BOBL  business  and investors relations reputable company, specializing in services provision, commercial projects and properties

SL. Services Unit:  

It provides seven different services to exporters, importers and companies worldwide. Contact us.


Freight and Logistics: Our freight management, logistics management and vertical solutions are key service for exporters, importers and companies that need logistics services from us

Global Freight Forwarding:  We work on behalf of exporters, importers and companies to organize the safe, efficient and cost – transportation of  your goods or cargo through Road, Rail, air and  sea routes

 Customs Declaration: We process the required declarations for goods entering or leaving the country through sea ports and airports, calculate and pay the correct duty and taxes and complete customs information electronically

Construction: We are company that provides construction services that integrate schedule, cost control and  keep projects on schedule and on budget . We  build bungalows, flats, estates, apartments  at agreed budget, time and quality

Properties:  We have commercial, residential and land to let and for sale. We build our own, manage  or repair and manage commercial and residential properties on behalf of land owners.

Electrical engineering: We are electrical contractors for commercial construction and maintenance.We are able to offer a wide range of electrical services like compliance based works, planned preventative and reactive maintenance, Lighting, Data and networking services.

Water Plumbing: We  are serving your residential plumbing, commercial plumbing and 24 hours emergency plumbing


SL.  Projects Unit:  

If you have some extra money to put to work, but don’t quite know what to invest in, there’s good news

BOBS products: We Buy, Own, Build, Sale land and houses at affordable prices to prospective buyers

BOBL products: We Buy, Own, Build, Lease out land and houses at affordable prices to tenants

Mining: Oil mining in South Sudan is underway


Investors Relations Unit:  

If you are proud investor, you have some money to put to work, but don’t quite know what to invest in, there’s good investment for you.

Our willingness to accept total responsibility,is our ability to take on large, complex services and projects and complete them on your expectation, on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality. At Sivicom, quality is never compromised

Why choose us?

  • We deliver our services within your expectation, agreed time and budget.
  • Quality is our driving force.
  • Client is a valued member in the entire business.
  • We reply emails and receive calls 24 hours  7 days.